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Welcome to Your Food Genie where you can fulfill your hunger and food desire with your magic touch. We are a new addition to delivery service marketplace with little twist in the business model. Our goal is to cater all, specially those who left behind. Besides food delivery service we offer restaurants and food vendors a model of saving and success. Our presence in cyber world is notable, we are gradually increasing both restaurants and customers to build trust offer win win situation for both.

Customer Loyalty

YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND! We stand with this slogan because this is what Genie does. Your mobile phones is our Genie lamp, give him you magic touch to grant your wish. You as our customer is a powerful force of our Genie. We are here to cater your wish in shortest possible time to build a trust relationship with you. We offer perks and loyalty point to make you order again and again. Every order you place you earn points an point convert into discounts.

Our Partners

We admire your hard work and passion about food, this is why we are here to offer you to show your creation. No matter if you have a Restaurant, if you are a Home Chef or a Street vendors we love to be your showcase business to public. After having you onboard our Genie system will do the rest for you. As we expanding out presence in different area and territories, we invite you to join us with confidence. Join use and stand with our moto to "BEAT THE HUNGER" in the world!

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