Your FoodGenie ("YFG") Privacy Policy ("YFG") respects the privacy ofits users ("user" or "you") whether they use browser tovisit our website by typing ,including other media devices and media channels related or connected thereto, andour mobile applications to order food from local restaurants in your area, toadvertise food for sale or simply to view the Website. The following"YFG" privacy policy is designed to inform you about the types ofinformation that we at maygather about or collect from or about you in connection with your use of ourWebsite. It also is intended to explain the conditions under which"YFG" uses and discloses that information, and your rights inrelation to that information.

Information wecollect

To operate ourbusiness functions, we collect information volunteered by consumers when theyregister and place orders from or on our Web site. The information we collectthrough registration and order placement is used to provide the servicesspecified on our Web site. That information includes may include a user'soperating system and browser type. We store information statistics in the formof logs such as our page views, IP addresses to monitor user traffic on ourwebsite. "YFG" uses this information, as well as other informationdescribed in this Privacy Policy, to operate, maintain, enhance and provide allfeatures of the Website, to provide services and information that you request,to respond to comments and questions and otherwise to provide support to users,and to process and deliver entries and rewards in connection with promotionsthat may be offered from time to time on the Website. These logs are also usedsolely to enhance the technical performance of our Web site and relatedhardware.


In order toprocess your food order, we must share the following information every time youplace an order with a restaurant: your name, e-mail address, delivery address,phone number, food order and credit card information. Our customer servicerepresentatives may use your telephone number or e-mail address to notify youof the status of your order as necessary and appropriate. We do not share yourinformation with any third parties, except the local restaurant if they are onour website or affiliate companies or unless it requires by law of any type ofcriminal or suspicious activity or credit card fraud.


We may shareaggregated and thus non-identifying information we collect under any of thecircumstances described above. We may also share this information with thirdparties and our affiliate companies to develop and deliver targeted advertisingon our Website and on websites of third parties. We may combine non-identifyinginformation we collect with other non-identifying information collected from orby other sources. We also may share aggregated information with third parties,including advisors, advertisers and investors, for the purpose of conductinggeneral business analysis. As an example, we may tell our advertisers andaffiliate companies the statistics and number of visitors to our Website andthe most popular features or services accessed. This information does notcontain any type of Personal Information and may be used to develop andenhanced website content and services that we hope you and other users willfind of interest and to target content and advertising.

Blogging, OnlineForums and Public Postings

Certain PersonalInformation we collect about users is provided to us as a result of thoseusers' use of the Website. Our website has blogging feature which offermultiple categories, we provide areas where you can blog, post information andreviews about restaurants. Such postings are governed by our Terms of Use. Inaddition, such postings may appear on other websites or when general websearches are executed on the subject of your posting. Also, whenever youvoluntarily disclose Personal Information on publicly-viewable web pages, thatPersonal Information will be publicly available and may be collected and usedby others. As an example, if you post your email address, you may receiveunsolicited messages. We cannot control who reads your posting or what otherusers may do with the information you voluntarily post, so we encourage you toexercise discretion and caution with respect to your personal information. Youassume all responsibility for any loss of privacy or other harm resulting fromyour voluntary disclosure of Personal Information.

Tracking Cookies

Now a days incyberspace almost every website use COOKIES. A "cookie" is a stringof information that a website stores on a user's computer, and that the user'sbrowser provides to the website each time the user submits a query to the site.Cookies allow our users to order faster and more efficiently by storinginformation such as your email address. We do not use cookies to track yoursurfing habits and activities outside of our Web site. Cookies can be easilyand safely deleted from your system. See your browser's help section forinstructions. YFG uses Cookies to track the pages that users visit during eachWebsite session, both to help YFG improve users' experiences and to help YFGunderstand how the Website is being used.


The sole purposeof using e-mail is to register to place an order with us, you are consenting toreceive e-mails from us regarding your registration or your order. YFG do notpurchase e-mail addresses in bulk quantities nor do we use the services of suchbulk e-mail companies for promoting our service. This means we will notdistribute, sell or rent your e-mail address to any third party except localrestaurants for ordering purpose. Additionally, our e-mail servers do not relaye-mail destined for non-local domains.

Location Information

In order to deliveryou food order at your location, we may obtain information about your physicallocation, such as by use of GPS and other geolocation features in your device,or by inference from other information we collect (Like, your IP addressindicates the general geographic region from which you are connecting to theInternet).

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